Football and the Flu

Football season is in full swing. Flu season is just starting.

What do the two have in common? You might be surprised at the correlation or should I say at the metaphorical reference which can be made?

A successful football team practices, does endurance training, does sprints, lifts weights, studies their play book, and practices some more. Based on all their hard work, the team hopes they will have a winning season.

BUT if the team could somehow get and study the play books of their opponents, winning games would be so much easier.

A successful, healthy flu season starts with good and frequent hand washing, covering your cough, discarding tissues in a waste container, eating right, getting enough sleep and staying home when you are sick. Did I mention hand washing?

BUT if you also get a flu shot or the flu mist, it’s like getting your hands on the opposing teams’ play book. You’ve got the best edge you can get. We know the flu vaccine isn’t perfect, but it is perfectly safe and it is the best tool we have to guard against getting influenza.

Getting a flu shot is like getting your hands on the other team’s play book. In conjunction with all the non-pharmaceutical interventions you’ve got a definite edge against catching the flu. Get your flu vaccine and be responsible for your own fight against the opponent-the flu.