Two ways to be SAFE in 2014

Resolve to be Ready 2014
Roughly half of all Americans make New Year’s resolutions. In 2014, FEMA and local Public Health are encouraging you to Resolve to be Ready for potential emergencies, by committing to make preparedness a year-round family activity. The campaign focuses on “Family Connection” to reinforce the importance of parents including their children in preparedness conversations before disasters strike.
After the holiday festivities end, get a head start on disaster preparations for you and your family with FEMA’s Are You Ready? Guide. This interactive course provides information on specific hazards including steps to not only be reactive but proactive in response to them. The guide also teaches you about evacuation, emergency public shelters, animals in disasters and more.
By taking a few simples steps to prepare in advance, you can minimize the impact an emergency could have on your family or community. For more information about this exciting new campaign visit
Wishing you a safe and happy New Year!

What Goes Up…
Taking down the Christmas tree may not be as fun as putting it up but keeping a dried-out tree in your home or stored in a garage is a fire hazard! When it comes to tree disposal, do you know your options? After the holidays, don’t throw your Christmas tree in the trash. Real Christmas trees are recyclable. Typically, there are several environmentally sound ways to dispose of your tree. These options include:
• Curbside-pick up for recycling;
• A drop off recycling center; and
• Mulching programs.
Never dispose of your tree by burning it in a fireplace or wood stove. Doing so may result in a chimney fire. Pine and fir trees produce a lot of creosote when burning and may lead to deposits in your chimney. A burning tree is also hard to control and may burn faster than expected.
Safety First.